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adding to my interests, angry typing, bear ass, bitch ass shinigami, chucking cheesies, daicheese, duck-butt, fast rive show, fucking boojums, god damn it vesperia, good god man, guiding vesperia, hayato is a stalker, homos no play, hot-blooded daisuke ono, i'm sorry for the noodle, idk man, iku is a stalker, iku is younger adachi, iku's sister is deaaaaaaaaaaad, koyasu hijack, kurea kurea kurea kurea, libra shut up, lockon's priorities, lol nobunaga, lol this guy, london?!, lord holy warrior, mr. miyaji, naodou shironoha, oyakata-sama!!!, positive day teacher, put ya guns on, rapeface quota, reverse jin, rich ass, richtarded, scamp it, schuldig cares, slimcest, something in my mind, something so sweet, suddenly: tonies; thousands of them, swan herr, tengen toppa hero monsters, thank you fuck you, to swob, tomodachi nanda, tonies from the tony dimension, tonies from the tony dimension, tree no rapids catalpa, waru4, weiss kreuz predicts everything, withershins, バットバッディ, ヽ(´ー`)ノ

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